HOW To Refer a Friend

  1. Go to your account page
  2. Click “My Points” tab
  3. Click “Get Points”
  4. Copy the referal link
  5. Send the referal link to your friends
  6. Whoever creates account / purchases via your referal link, you will get points
  1. 登入帳戶
  2. 在左邊頁面選項,選擇 “My Points” 
  3. 在右邊頁面,選擇 “Get Points”
  4. 複製 “referal link” (推薦網址)
  5. 發送 referal link (推薦網址)給您的朋友
  6. 當您的朋友透過referal link (推薦網址)登記帳戶或購買任何片或產品,您將會自動得到分數
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