JE145: Latex boots worship CEI humiliation

JE145: Latex boots worship CEI humiliation

This is a custom clip with no names used:

” You have noticed my attraction to your boots and want to have some fun with it.

You walk in carrying a pair of your long shiny thigh high boots. You ask if this is what I want. You know it is but want to hear me answer.. As you are putting them on you talk about how you can’t believe a pair of boots can make my cock so hard. You realize how you have complete control and I am so willing when they are on.

You ask if I would eat my cum for them. Then you laugh as you tell me I don’t have a choice. You are going to enjoy watching me swallow an entire load of cum. As you admire your boots and admit that they do look really good you have me jerk off for you. You explain how I will catch it in my hand for you to see before it is licked up.

After a countdown and seeing how much cum it is you demand that I eat it all. Then you humiliate me for doing that. You are amazed and impressed that I ate it just for your boots. You laughingly wonder what else I would do for these boots. — thank you 🙂

Playtime: 00:13:33


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