JE140:(4K) Porn-free pussy-free finsub JOI

JE140:(4K) Porn-free pussy-free finsub JOI

NO PORN for you. losers like you do not deserve pussies. No women want you anyway. When other men jerk to pussies and asses, you jerk to dirty panties that cover up the pussies and asses. That’s all you got. So the only porn you can watch to play with your loser dick is MY clips where I humiliate you with My dirty worn panties and stinky feet.

But you don’t even deserve the freedom to jerk because losers do not deserve pleasure. The only way you are allowed to jerk is to PAY for it. This is what you work for. When you are of absolutely no use, the only thing that I still have a little interest in is your money.

Yes. you PAY to worship My dirty worn panties and sweaty stinky feet. you PAY for the privilege to touch your shameful useless dicklet. you have to be My ATM paypig to obtain your pathetic pleasure. you even cum to the fact that you have to PAY ME. Thank Me for draining your wallet while I allow you to drain your blue balls.

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