JE139: (Custom Clip) Asian Goddess Financial Domination

JE139: (Custom Clip) Asian Goddess Financial Domination

*This is a custom clip for a loser named Sheldon.

This clip is based around making a budget for him. Start by telling him to jerk off and throughout the clip I’d remind him to keep stroking. he stupidly thought that being a university student is a good reason to not pay Me and then you tell me that it is a lousy excuse. For those who don’t have enough money to pay Me, they will have to spend less money on other things. So is he.

First of all, he won’t be allowed to go outside to eat food. he’ll need to find the cheapest groceries he can find and cook for himself. If he doesn’t have time to cook then he won’t get to eat until the next time he gets to cook. So he’ll need to plan ahead. And instead of 3 meals a day, he only needs to eat 2, as paying Me is way more important than his own wellbeing. Also, he’s not allowed to spend money on entertainment such as movies or shopping. Actually, I reckon that cutting these unnecessary things might even help him do better in school.

he feels sad at first, but when he looks at Me, he immediately come to realize that I deserve his money more than anyone else. And that it is an honor for him to cut his expenses for Me. he feels good to sacrifice for Me and that this is for both of Our benefits.

Finally, I grant him he chance to cum and to keep being a good boy for Me. he promises to love Me forever and will stride to serve Me even better.


Playtime: 00:11:29

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