JE132: I have control all over you, sissy slut

JE132: I have control all over you, sissy slut

(This is a custom clip)

“You have my chastity keys (secured with a PA piercing) and had agreed to tease me and return them in a week. You tease me with some keys and get me worked up, promising how good it will feel when I am released.

Then you change tone. You’ve decided that I am to spend much longer in chastity. You tell me you are going to keep my keys and show your control over me.

You want me to make a film. You tell me to dress like a slut, cross dress (skirt, panties, leggings), show my cage to the cam and show how I can’t remove it, thank you for making me your bitch, and describe how you want me tie and gag myself (hogtie, ball tie, to eyelet in ceiling, tied to chair, etc) and struggle on cam for you. If I don’t send you the film you won’t return my keys, if I do, you might use the film for blackmail. You are enjoying my predicament.

I own a large variety of bondage gear, an ice lock, 2 electronic time release locks, and a variety of gags. Be creative 🙂

My kink is losing control. Please wear something black, tight, and shiny with either nylons or shiny boots. Thanks for your time.

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