JE112: Chastity slave being teased and denial

JE112: Chastity slave being teased and denial

*This is a custom clip*


You’ve had me locked in chastity for a month and you’ve promised that today I can have my keys back. You order me to strip and inspect my cage. You tease that my balls look full and I must be desperate for release.
You tease me with my keys and your body and tell me to get worked up by rubbing on my cage and balls. You want to see me bursting to get free.
You promise me a surprise if I’m a good boy.
You order me to dress up in skirt and stockings and Gimp hood. I am to to lock cuffs and collar on. You rub ur foot on my cage and tease me. You lock my wrists behind me.
You promise me I will be walking out of here with my keys so don’t resist.
you lock a ring gag in my mouth and attach a leash.
Are you ready for your surprise bitch? Do you think you’ll get to jerk of to my ass? Will I let you squirm in bondage and fuck my feet? Will I bend you over, stroke your dick while I fuck your ass?
No chastity bitch. You get more chastity.
You clip my keys to my collar. there you go, oh are you disappointed? No you don’t get release today all chastity bitches get is blue balls and disappointment I promised? You haven’t even heard your big surprise. We are going to a fetish club. I’m going to show you off to all my friends. I’d better be good or you’ll leave me tied up in a play room for other guests to abuse. You might do that anyway.
You ask if I want “pain pig” or “take my keys” written on my chest? You don’t want either? tough you get both stop whining through that gag. Time to go.

Play time: 00:11:05.30

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