JE062. Lady boss punishes you with high heels and feet licking

JE062. Lady boss punishes you with high heels and feet licking

Your female manager is upset with you being late again and threatens to fire you. This is too harsh on you, right? She simply tells you that it’s because she considers you lesser comparing to all your co-workers and starts to belittle you. you don’t really have a choice but beg for a chance. That’s when she starts to humiliate you even more by making you lick her high heels and suck her nylon feet.

you are secretly excited about the idea. you thought she doesn’t know that you are a foot freak which turns the punishment a reward. But soon you realize that you are wrong. She knows. Because all the computers are monitored by the company, you fool.

There comes the true punishment. She makes you rub your cock inside your pants. What she really wants is to make you wet your pants with your own cum so you have to carry and sit on the sticky load in the office all day long. I wonder if that would be enough to remind you your pathetic place in the office, little trash.

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