Slide 每消費美金$0.5 = 1分
每個留言 =1分
5個留言 =4分
10個留言或以上 =最多6分
新登記帳戶 =20分
累積得分達到500分 =50分
累積得分達到1000分 =150分
Slide US$0.5 spent = 1 point
Each first daily login = 5 points
Each review = 1 point
5 reviews = 4 points
10 or more reviews = 6 points max
Newly registered users = 20 points
Completed profile = 10 points
Extra points to the Account collected the most points (1st day of each month) = 10 points
Reach 500 points = 50 points
Reach 1000 points = 100 points
Online Store / Online Session
Point Conversion Rate:
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Online Store & Online Session Point Redemption rate:


20 points = USD $1.0

Terms & Conditions

“Mistress Jessica Bonus Points Pay” Spending Rebate Terms & Conditions:

  1. The redeemed spending rebate can only be used in settling one designated user account. It cannot be transferred, refunded, exchanged, traded for cash.
  2. Once redemption for spending rebate is confirmed, no amendment, cancellation is allowed.
  3. Under normal circumstances, the corresponding spending rebate will be credited to and shown in the designated user account.

「Mistress Jessica 積分奬賞消費回贈」推廣活動條款及細則:

  1. 以積分兌換之消費回贈只供誌入閣下指定之登記賬戶使用。已兌換之消費回贈不得轉讓、退款、交換、兌換現金。
  2. 所有以積分兌換之消費回贈之要求一經提交,便不能取消或更改。
  3. 在一般情況下,相關之消費回贈會即時誌入並顯示於閣下指定之登記賬戶內。
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